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Harvard Law Today 5/15/2014
Ruling Out Risk?

Bloomberg BNA 1/29/2014
Financial Institutions Hit With $34.4 Billion On Government Actions in 2013, Report Says

The Atlantic 9/12/2013
How to Stop the Next Financial Crisis: The Fed Might Be Our Last Great Hope

American Banker 5/2/2013
Regulators Struggle for Way Forward on Basel III Leverage Ratio

Network World 4/3/2013
For Microsoft, going private may not be such a bad idea

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 3/21/2013
Key Note Speech by Commissioner Daniel M. Gallagher

National Law Review 3/18/2013
Financial Services Legislative and Regulatory Update – March 18, 2013 3/13/2013
Extraterritorial Clash Continues For Clearing Houses
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Bloomberg 3/7/2013
Fed Tests Show 17 of 18 Banks Weathering Severe Slump

The Trade News 1/31/2013
Research Body Seeks EU-US Swaps Clearing Accord

NPR All Things Considered 12/13/2012
HSBC Critic: Too Big To Indict May Mean Too Big To Exist

New York Times DealBook 10/16/2012
Fed Governor’s Plan to Limit Bank Size Fuels Debate

Washington Post 3/17/2012
The argument that could upend Wall Street reform

Bloomberg 2/3/2012
Carlyle Drops Class-Action Lawsuit Ban as Opposition Mounts

Bloomberg 1/26/2012
Carlyle Lawsuit Ban Deplored by Lawmakers May Entice Followers
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BusinessWeek 1/18/2012
Carlyle Seeks to Ban Shareholder Lawsuits Before Public Offering
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New York Times DealBook 8/18/2011
Court Ruling Offers Path to Challenge Dodd-Frank

Bloomberg 7/23/2011
Dodd-Frank Rules May Be at Legal Risk After SEC Loses U.S. Court Appeal

Politico 7/10/2011
The gift that people keep refusing

Bloomberg 6/16/2011
U.S. Lawmakers Press Regulators on Bank Capital, Derivatives

The Deal 1/26/2011
Hal Scott on Dodd-Frank

Wall Street Journal 1/26/2011
Harvard Professor Warns of Cutting Regulators’ Budgets
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Bloomberg 12/16/2010
Market Group Challenges ‘Flawed’ Dodd-Frank Rulemaking Process

Bloomberg 11/29/2010
Wall Street Shrinks From Credit Default Swaps Before Rules Hit

Bloomberg 4/13/2010
Derivative Trades Don’t All Belong on Exchanges: Judd Gregg

Wall Street Journal 7/20/2009
“Report Recommends Tweaking Mutual Fund Taxes”
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USA Today 6/17/2009
Obama Aims to Give Regulators Chance to Rein in Future Crises

Forbes 6/17/2009
Bank Regulation Blowout

Harvard Law School News 6/16/2009
Scott and Committee on Capital Markets Regulation Issue Major Report Urging Financial Regulatory Reform

Financial Times 6/11/2009
Turf Warriors Head for Washington

BusinessWeek 6/4/2009
Private Equity Moves In on Banks
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Bloomberg 6/1/2009
Citigroup Stuck With Bernanke Offer Rival Banks Plan to Refuse

Financial Times 5/29/2009
Congress Joins Turf War on Regulation

Financial Times 5/28/2009
Proposal for US Bank Regulation Draws Flak

Bloomberg 5/28/2009
Frank Rules Out Creating Single U.S. Bank Regulator

Wall Street Journal 5/28/2009
“Reshaping Financial Oversight ”
The Wall Street Journal reported on the Committee’s proposal for the Fed to be the sole financial stability regulator.
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Bloomberg TV 5/26/2009
Scott Says ‘More Unified’ Financial Regulation Needed
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Bloomberg 5/26/2009
U.S. Financial Regulations Need Overhaul, Panel Says

Bloomberg 7/10/2008
Ross, Blackrock’s Fisher Seek to Restore Asset-Backed Market

The New York Sun 5/23/2008
Treasury’s Plan Gone Awry
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NY Times 4/1/2008
On Paper, Wall Street Gets Its Way

Bloomberg 3/29/2008
Paulson to Propose New U.S. Financial Regulators

Bloomberg 3/27/2008
Wall Street Might Make Hot Air Look Like Change: Susan Antilla

American Banker 12/31/2007
Letter to the Editor: We Didn’t Blame Regulator
By Hal S. Scott

American Banker Review 2007
Crisis Alters Reg Revamp’s Context, Odds

Financial Times 12/13/2007
US looks to London for Regulatory Model

Wall Street Journal 12/6/2007
“More Non-U.S. Companies Ditch Their New York Listings ”
The Wall Street Journal reported on the Committee’s latest report– “The Competitive Position of the U.S. Public Equity Market.”
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Bloomberg 11/19/2007
SEC Penalties Fall Amid ‘New Ethos’ on Company Fines

NY Times Magazine 10/14/2007
The Capital of Capital No More?

Newsweek 8/13/2007
Lessons From Motown

Financial Times 6/5/2007
Call to Delay Sarbox for Small Companies

Bloomberg 5/29/2007
IPO Fees in Europe Catch Wall Street for First Time

BusinessWeek 4/23/2007
The Growing Revolt Against The SEC
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The New York Sun 4/19/2007
Blocking Markets
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Wall Street Journal 4/16/2007
An article appeared in the Wall Street Journal that reported that the SEC was considering the Committee’s recommendation on arbitration, which would give shareholder’s a choice in how they resolve disputes with their company.
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The New York Sun 4/5/2007
Cox, Not Sarbox To Blame
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Bloomberg 3/30/2007
Cox Says SEC Will Ease Sarbanes-Oxley Burden, Rebuffing Critics

Financial Times 3/26/2007
For Good or Ill, Class Action is on the Rise

Harvard Law Bulletin Spring 2007

The New York Sun 3/13/2007
Schumer Can Save New York
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U.S. News & World Report 3/4/2007
Is Wall Street Losing Its Luster?

NY Times 3/3/2007
Gold Is Awaiting Its Day

Bloomberg 2/20/2007
IPOs Shun U.S. Exchanges While Wall Street Collects Record Fees

NY Times 2/13/2007
S.E.C. Seeks to Curtail Investor Suits

Forbes 2/8/2007
Unraveling Wall Street Reforms

The New York Sun 2/5/2007
To Alter U.S. Regulatory Climate, Mayor Eyes Overseas Methods
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NY Times 1/26/2007
About Those Fears of Wall Street’s Decline

Bloomberg 1/24/2007
McDonough, Russo Say Lawsuits Hurting U.S. Markets (Update1)

The New York Sun 1/23/2007
It’s the Litigation, Stupid
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NY Times 1/22/2007
U.S. Financial Sector Is Losing Its Edge, Report Says

Financial Times 1/20/2007
City is Fast Catching up with Wall Street

The New York Sun 1/18/07
Take Back the Market
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Bloomberg 1/11/2007
SEC’s Chief Accountant Backs Shielding Auditors From Lawsuits

Financial News 1/11/2007
US Exchanges Move Into Beijing to Avoid Losing Listings

NY Times 1/8/2007
Private Firms Lure Chief Executives With Top Pay

Financial Times 1/7/2007
Shareholder-friendly US, Governance-shy Europe

NY Times 1/7/2007
So Many Millions, So Little Body Armor

Financial Times 1/4/2007
The Cost to Europe of America’s Class Action Addiction

Forbes 12/25/2006
Lightening Sarbox

Fortune 12/20/2006
Keep America’s edge

NY Times 12/15/2006
HIGH & LOW FINANCE; S.E.C. to Firms: Keep Money, Forget Rules

NY Times 12/13/2006
U.S. Moves to Restrain Prosecutors

The New York Sun 12/11/2006
Remember The Shareholder
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Bloomberg 12/4/2006
Sarbanes-Oxley, Costly Cure for What Ails Market: Kevin Hassett

Bloomberg 12/1/2006
Nice Deal for Wall Street, Bummer on Main Street: Susan Antilla

NY Times 11/30/2006
Panel to Urge Rewriting Rules to Aid Companies

Bloomberg 11/30/2006
Sarbanes-Oxley Changes Sought by Paulson-backed Group

Bloomberg 11/30/2006
Senate’s Dodd Cautions Against Sarbanes-Oxley Changes

Bloomberg 11/29/2006
Paulson-Backed Group Seeks Reduced Business Penalties

Bloomberg 10/30/2006
Sarbanes-Oxley Brings American Firms Record IPO Earnings Abroad

NY Times 10/28/2006
Businesses Seek Protection on Legal Front

Financial Week 9/25/2006
Thinking Outside the SarbOx

NY Times 9/13/2006
Panel of Executives and Academics to Consider Regulation and Competitiveness

International Herald Tribune 9/13/2006
Group Seeks Changes to U.S. Securities Markets

Times Online 9/13/2006
Paulson Supports Cause to Reform Law
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Financial Times 9/12/2006
Paulson Backs Sarbox Study

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