The Committee on Capital Markets Regulation

The Committee on Capital Markets Regulation provides U.S. and global policymakers with intellectual leadership on the most critical financial regulatory policy issues.

37 Members

  • Financial industry leaders
  • Academics
  • Former policymakers
  • Legal and accounting experts


  • Conduct emperical research on the U.S. and global financial system
  • Develop and advocate for financial policy reforms
  • Host annual member meeting and convene advisory committees


  • President: Hal S. Scott, Emeritus Professor, Harvard Law School
  • Co-Chairman: Glenn Hubbard, Emeritus Dean, Columbia Business School
  • Co-Chairman: John Thornton, Chairman Emeritus, Brookings Institution


  • Enhance economic growth
  • Expand investor opportunities
  • Promote financial stability
  • Educate the public and policymakers

Policy Priorities

  • Global banking system
  • Asset management and alternative investmentsa
  • Market structure: fixed-income, equitities and derivatives¬†
  • International regulatory standards